Which experiences do migrants make? Reports from Polish people in Turkey

The historical dimension of migration can be shown by the story of Adampol, a Polish colony near Istanbul founded in the middle of the 19th century. Below, you will find material to go further.


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A lesson about  Adampol: Bellow, click on the picture and look the video



A song of Adampol

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History of Adampol/Polonezköy




Here you find some documents about the film and ist topics

- The Workshop for the film “Knowlege about Adampol /Polonezkӧy / and VIP of the village. “                               

- Students cards: A. Czartoryski, L.ŚniadeckaM. Czajkowski       



Turkish students sing in Polish at Polonezköy




Interview with Dr. Andrzej Kaluza from the "Deutsches Poleninstitut" in Darmstadt about migration

Information about this instution and A. Kaluza: https://www.deutsches-polen-institut.de/institut/mitarbeitende/dr-andrzej-kaluza


Here you find pedagogical material about the inteview with A. Kaluza 


Here you find didactic materials "Lesson About immigration": 


- Film "Lesson about immigration"

 - Worksheet "Lesson about Immigration"

- Frank Guzzardo- Polish American


Some further impressions:

Movie about traces


 movie About the concentration camp Plaszow


Erasmus tram ride in Krakau <klick here>

Erasmus team dancing the polomaise in Krakau <klick here>