What does it mean to be left alone? Andreea's story retold

Migration has its effects not only on migrants themselves, but as well on their families left alone. In our film, we had chosen the story of Andreea, but there are other portraits of young Romanians to be found here. You will find several worksheets and more material like an interview with the real Andreea.

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 Activities A2

A2 Drawings

A2 Handout

A2 Handout 2


Activities A3:

A3 Portrait

A3 Handout1


Activities A4:

A4 Handout

A4 Fil

<astyle="color: blue;" href="/images/IMPORT/SP2/A4/A4-Handout1-Table students.jpg" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">A4 Handout Table student


Activities A7:

A7 Handout 1

A7.1.2 Ke

A7.1 Listennin

A7.2 Readin

A7.3.1 Andreea Interview voca

A7.3.1 Andreea Interview vocab key

A7.3.2 Andreea Interview voca

A7.3.2 Andreea Interview vocab ke

A7.3.3 Andreea Interview vocab

A7.3.3 Andreea Interview vocab ke

A7.3 Vocabular

Andreea Interview tapescript


Activities A8:

A8 Handout 1

A8 My Hero